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Business Registry Data

Full coverage on business entities in each market.

We’ve set up partnerships with local registry holders in each market we operate in. This guarantees we have the best possible coverage on business entities within the market.

Website Data

Everything from the company website, indexed.

Once entities are matched to a website, we use machine learning to understand anything of interest from them: addresses, press releases, links — even the full text itself.

Vainulabs Website Data Vainulabs Website Data
Vainulabs Open And Public Data Vainulabs Open And Public Data
Open And Public Data

Important web data crawled and matched to the right company.

We apply our own neural network-powered NER technology to vast amounts of publicly available data collected from millions of online sources: news articles, job ads, and public databases to name a few.

Our database is built for machine learning.

If you’re looking to make predictions on company trajectories or to score companies based on a desired outcome, our data will fit into your project seamlessly.

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