Vainulabs Engine Predictions Vainulabs Engine Predictions

Companies scored based on your desired outcomes.

You'll get a sorted list of the companies along with their scores, the script we run, and the data we used in the model. Use our engine to calculate risk or CLV, suggest products, or prioritize accounts for sales and marketing.

Simple deployment
with no fuss.

You provide a list of your target accounts, what you'd like to predict and the internal teaching data relevant to predicting that outcome – we'll take care of the rest.

Vainulabs Data AI

We help with all phases of the project

Data collection and preparation

Model training and evaluation

Handover and coaching

Easy To Integrate
Whether you’re a global corporation or a nimble team looking to grow, Vainu’s data will be deployed in the format you need in under two weeks.
Secure & Compliant
We take compliancy seriously and have the documentation to prove it. Full transparency into our policies are shared upon request.

Telia, the largest teleoperator in the Nordics, saved € 400,000 per quarter through smarter segmentation and account prioritization.

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