Accurate predictions on key data points for your target companies.

Use our engine to predict growth, employee count, or any other numeric value into the future. We'll send over our real-time predictions, along with our confidence rating, the script we run and the data used in the model.

Vainulabs Prediction Vainulabs Prediction
Vainulabs Data AI

Simple deployment
with no fuss.

You provide a list of your target accounts and what you'd like to predict – we'll take care of the rest.

We help with all phases of the project

Data collection and preparation

Model training and evaluation

Handover and coaching

Easy To Integrate
Whether you’re a global corporation or a nimble team looking to grow, Vainu’s data will be deployed in the format you need in under two weeks.
Secure & Compliant
We take compliancy seriously and have the documentation to prove it. Full transparency into our policies are shared upon request.

LocalTapiola, a large European mutual insurance company, used Vainu Labs to predict the employee count of target companies, resulting in millions in savings.

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